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The two best measurements on determining what you think is important

Years ago when I was single I would eat out a lot, even more so than I do as a married man now, I think. Ha Ha.  I can remember one year I was looking at my bank account online. … Continue reading

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6 Things Sales People can Learn from Donald Trump

If you are a republican you might really like this post.  If you are a democrat the chances are you aren’t going to like this post or what is in it.  I want to challenge you regardless of which way … Continue reading

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6 absolutes you must remember as a manager of people

I am finishing up a great read on coaching from a managers perspective.  The book is titled Coaching For Improved Work Performance; Increase productive, raise quality, reduce absenteeism, get more creativity, increase sales.  The author is Ferdinand F. Fournies.  He … Continue reading

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Decide; Work Smarter and Lead, book notes and summary

Decide; Work Smarter, Reduce your Stress, and Lead by example. author: Steve McClatchy Link to book: http://www.amazon.com/Decide-Smarter-Reduce-Stress-Example/dp/1118554388/ Steve McClatchy has taken time management and priorities to a different level.  He presents the material in his book in a unique way with … Continue reading

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Willpower is finite…

I am reading the book “Start” by Jon Acuff.  I am half way through it, and it has me so motivated.  In one of the chapters he focuses on willpower.  I consider myself to have a lot of willpower, but … Continue reading

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5 (new) Super Short Book Summaries, if you’re interested

In this day and age, brevity is better.  So in my attempt to share with others and add value to others, here are my super short book summaries for my last five reads. Title:  How to Be Rich (Its not … Continue reading

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What is average?

What is average?  As many of my closest friends and colleagues know, I am reading books on excellence.  In each of these books I have found that the company’s, the people, the country’s, the leaders, the CEO’s, etc. are not … Continue reading

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Leadership Alert Here

You can’t teach what you don’t possess. You can’t teach motivation when you don’t have motivation You can’t teach a skill if you don’t practice that skill yourself. You can’t teach discipline when you don’t have discipline. You can’t tell me about life when … Continue reading

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Yep I did it…

I did it…  Yep I finally did it.  I was inspired by a good friend of mine and something I heard in church to finally do it.  Yep, I cut my cable television off.  When I called in to cut … Continue reading

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