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The one tool most leaders are missing from their toolbox

Most leaders are lying to their employees everyday.  Some of the them are doing deliberately, while others don’t even realize it.  And it all comes down to the fact that some.. Well, based off my observations…Most leaders… Aren’t willing to … Continue reading

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Thankfully, I was saved from myself, and here is how to do it

Unfortunately, we don’t get the luxury of benefiting or learning from something until we have actually fully committed to doing whatever it is we are pursuing. How often do you really get to try something out to see if it … Continue reading

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I am glad I didn’t listen

What is the worse that is going to happen?  Answer.  You are going to die.  And guess what? We are all going to die.  There is a one hundred percent chance that it is going to happen.  Not if, but … Continue reading

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Distance = Rate X Time, Which piece is missing from your equation?

When I was growing up I can remember playing outside for hours and hours with my friends.  Anything from riding bikes, playing basketball, or street football.  The school year always seemed to drag on forever and summer vacations flew by … Continue reading

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5 Signs Your Company is about to fail

Many companies have a huge problem right now. Some realize they have this problem, while others are clueless. They are trying to fix symptoms of the problems instead of the problem itself. You can read poll after poll about the … Continue reading

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A leadership lesson from a Gangster and a stripper

I have to admit I am still obsessed with watching the Soprano’s.  The show has technically been off for almost a decade now.  I have watched each episode I can’t tell you how many times, lets just say it is … Continue reading

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3 Things I learned last week…8/3-8/15

I am coming off a very busy week.  But aren’t they all busy! It seems like mine are for sure. What I learned this past week… 1. Rich people buy time and poor people sell their time.  How much is … Continue reading

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Fundamentally we are all smart

You already have all of the knowledge, well most of the knowledge necessary to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.  We all learned the basics before we left high school.  Are there some things we still must learn, … Continue reading

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Stop Whining and Start Working

Throughout my career I have tried to learn something from just about everyone I have interacted with.  I believe that every single person we interact with has the ability to teach us something that we didn’t already know. You just … Continue reading

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What it takes to be #1; Vince Lombardi: notes

Vince Lombardi is one of the greatest football coaches in the history of the professional game.  In 10 seasons as a head coach in the National Football League–9 with the Green Bay packers and 1 with the Washington Redskins, Lombardi … Continue reading

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