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Never quit, but you can pivot

One of my favorite topics to write and talk about is goals.  Not because I consider myself to be an expert in setting and achieving them.  It is quite frankly the exact opposite.  I actually come up short on them … Continue reading

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Implementing this one activity every other day has been a game changer for my life.

There are certain things in life that all of us must do every single day.  Things like brush our teeth, eat, drink water, and… If you have children you have to make sure they do these same things everyday as … Continue reading

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50 Reasons on why I want to be Rich!

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times. “Brian, you work too hard, slow down.” “Brian, money isn’t everything.” “Brian, your work shouldn’t be your identity.” “Brian, be careful or you will burn out.” The … Continue reading

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5 must do’s to hit goals and eliminate excuses

Are you just trying to get through your day or are you trying to get something from the day?  That is the question.  I know many people who are intentional about their life, but intentional meaning they are intentionally getting … Continue reading

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The Law of Diminishing Intent

This truly is a law.  It’s a law because it is true and without a doubt I have, and many of you have all broken this law many times in our life. What does the law mean:  We have all … Continue reading

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The Goal Setting plan that changed my life

This one little exercise allowed me to set goals that I would have never even considered, thanks to my mentor Jim Rohn. And guess what!!! I have accomplished a lot of the little ones already. Here is your challenge today. … Continue reading

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I failed miserably, but I will keep pursuing the goal

8 years ago, I received a promotion as a Sales Manager.  At that time, I was really growing and learning a lot.  I was also still under thirty.  So in my brilliance and sophistication I started keeping a journal (that’s … Continue reading

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