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Implementing this one activity every other day has been a game changer for my life.

There are certain things in life that all of us must do every single day.  Things like brush our teeth, eat, drink water, and… If you have children you have to make sure they do these same things everyday as … Continue reading

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The #1 reason most people don’t hit their goals, and it is not what you think.

This morning my wife and I started our day off in one of our favorite coffee shops in the world, located in our hometown of Louisville, Ky. We are here visiting family for the holidays and we will stop there … Continue reading

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The Facts and Numbers about New Years Resolutions

I am half listening to the television this morning.  The news anchors did a segment on New Years Resolutions.  They interviewed six or seven people about what/if any New Years resolutions they have.  One person was holding a cigarette saying … Continue reading

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What now?

As you wake up on this awesome day, the first day of 2015, it truly is an awesome day.  Really, it is.  Most of you don’t have to work today, and secondly if you are reading this, congratulations, you made … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle

In my business I have a chance to talk to a lot of people about their career and their goals.  Many of these people are incredibly talented and work extremely hard.  What I have found is that most of these … Continue reading

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You are Self-Employed

I am sure some people read the title and assumed I would be discussing owning and operating your own business.  Sure why not!  I suggest you do that as well.  Because one thing I know to be true is Profits … Continue reading

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Spare Time

We have discussed this before on selfdevelopmentaddict.   What you do in your spare time will determine your success or non-success.  Keep in mind, success to me is defined as the constant pursuit of worthwhile goals and dreams.  So you … Continue reading

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The Law of Diminishing Intent

This truly is a law.  It’s a law because it is true and without a doubt I have, and many of you have all broken this law many times in our life. What does the law mean:  We have all … Continue reading

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The Goal Setting plan that changed my life

This one little exercise allowed me to set goals that I would have never even considered, thanks to my mentor Jim Rohn. And guess what!!! I have accomplished a lot of the little ones already. Here is your challenge today. … Continue reading

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Leaders share, sharing 6 thoughts on the mind today

I am sure there will be many times throughout my life that I will think and ponder the lessons I have learned that I don’t want to forget.  At 35 years of age, I have been thinking about it and … Continue reading

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