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You have to make the decision now

You are what you are until you decide to become different than you are.  It is a hard thing to change but it can be done.  It just requires you to make a commitment and then do the work necessary … Continue reading

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Repetition and Frequency and why you need both for success

A good question to ask yourself is “How often should I get a check up on my health?” At my age, health, and background, my doctor believes once a year is sufficient.  As I age, it will become more frequent … Continue reading

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Show up

Success in life really comes down to these two words:  Show up.   There is nothing magical or hard about it.  When you show up good things will eventually happen. When you show up you are keeping the commitment that … Continue reading

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21 reasons your Admissions Representatives aren’t motivated

I have been in the higher education sector for the last fifteen years of my career.  Primarily working with admissions managers and admissions representatives. I have worked in the for-profit sector, the non-profit private sector, and even the public sector. … Continue reading

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Bring the pain and the results will follow.

At the first signs of pain, most people usually quit.  It could be the pain associated with exercising.  The pain of having to cook dinner instead of going out to eat to save money. Or, it could be the pain … Continue reading

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My first business purchase and why you shouldn’t listen to most people

“Was that a roach?” My buddy said to me as we were walking through the property.  This had to be one of the nastiest homes I have personally ever walked in and he said the same. As I walked through … Continue reading

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One of my greatest embarrassments, and why I should do it more often.

There I was standing on the stage in front of one hundred and forty-three people.  These people were all high performing sales people, vice presidents in our company, sales managers, sales assistants, etc.  I was kicking off a two-day sales … Continue reading

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Thankfully, I was saved from myself, and here is how to do it

Unfortunately, we don’t get the luxury of benefiting or learning from something until we have actually fully committed to doing whatever it is we are pursuing. How often do you really get to try something out to see if it … Continue reading

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The one question that changed my life

When is the last time you bet on yourself?  I mean really bet on yourself.  Did something outside the norm.  Required you to do something that had a level of uncertainty. Did something that you weren’t too sure how it … Continue reading

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5 Ways to build Trust, Credibility, and Respect for yourself

Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation to a group of Young Professionals.  I will be speaking around the topic of Leadership; How to build Trust, Credibility and Respect. Obviously an interesting topic for this group of people.  Most of … Continue reading

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