This one thing is preventing you from success, and it is not what you think.

I was on the phone the other day with my good friend.  Who also is a coach and trainer.  We both have coached and trained hundred of individuals over the years.  We were talking about some of the challenges that hold people back from pursuing their dreams or realizing their full potential.  We asked each other this question?

What do you think the one thing that holds people back from being as successful as they could be?

We both thought for a minute.  I think we both said the word fear, and deep down, fear is part of it.  However, we both agreed that the one thing is Money. Yep money is holding people back from pursuing their dreams.  Or realizing their potential.  Or just getting them out of job or situation they hate.

I am not going to pretend that I am a money expert.  However, at the age of thirty-two, I started to figure some things out.

I had an income of six figures or so and I was single.  But I didn’t have any money. By the way.  I loved my job.  I wasn’t necessarily looking to leave my job.  Thankfully, I came to me senses then, while I loved my job.  Because the decisions I made then, eventually helped me to make the decisions I would make in my later thirties when I didn’t love my job.

So I didn’t have any money saved.  I had a nice car, two houses, some money in a Roth IRA.  One of my houses I lived in and the other I rented.  I bought anything I wanted.   I pretty much would eat out every single day. I was living the dream.

Keep in mind, everybody I grew up around and my family and my friends all considered me to be rich.  My parents combined had never made the kind of money that I was making by myself with no children.  And because of my lifestyle, it looked as if I was pretty well off. However, I had a car payment, a house payment, student loan payments, and lifestyle payments.

At thirty-two I started thinking about the future and how I wanted options, and I never wanted to be stuck or trapped.  Being stuck is something that has always scared me.  Whether being trapped in a closet as a kid because of my friends older brother. Or feeling like I was trapped in a situation that I didn’t like, because I had already committed to it.

I just don’t like the feeling of being trapped. So as I am having this awakening about my life. I knew I had to change.

I am not an expert on getting people out of debt or helping people save money.  However, I  have listened to hundreds of hours of people who are.  I read close to one hundred books on finances.  Here is the best advice I can give on money and finances.

  • Stay out of consumer debt (things that don’t appreciate)
  • Keep your income high
  • Keep your expenses low on the things you need
  • Invest into things that make you money.
  • Look at things and ask yourself “How long do I have to work to pay for this?” Then decide if it is worth it.
  • Pay cash for most things.

By age thirty-five I was out of all debt, and actually owned an additional two pieces of property that generated income.

I tell you my story to tell you this.  I made the decision at age thirty-two that I no longer wanted to be trapped in a job because I needed the money. And I loved my job.  That is the hard part, most people don’t make the hard decisions at the times when things are good, to prepare themselves for the future or for when times are bad.  This is why people never get where they want to go and achieve what they want to achieve.

After coaching hundreds of people myself, and my friend doing the same.  We both have come to the same conclusion, that money is the thing that holds people back.

However, you have a choice today.  You can decide to make better decisions and start to change your present and your future, by deciding today that you will no longer be trapped by money.  You just have to decide. It doesn’t matter how good things are today, one day, you will want something different. One day an opportunity will present itself, and you want to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity.  But you have to decide today.

If you are looking for coaching on your career, money, finances, success, etc. I am sure I can help you.  Someone like me who has done all of the research and lived it myself.  I have all of the best resources available to help you achieve your goals.  You just have to decide today.

Are you ready to make a decision today that your future will not only appreciate, but will need?  If so, reach out to me at

To your success and your future.



If I knew then what I know now (part 2)

Last week, I posted a blog on a recent survey I conducted with about 100 people who are in my circles.  I asked them a very simple question. “What is one thing you know now, that you wished you knew when you graduated high school?”  I received a lot of different answers and part 1 of this series I wrote about one of the responses I received.  Click on this link to read part 1 of the series.

In part 2 I want dive deeper into one of the responses I received.

#1 response was financial:

About 50% of the respondents said that they wish they knew or understood finances better then.  I would agree with this response.  Because I didn’t know either.  However, my follow-up to that response would be do you really understand them now?  Or do you think you understand them.

There are many factors to your finances and I must say that I am not an expert on finances whatsoever, but I listen and study people who are.  I don’t take advice from broke people, or people who appear to have money because they have lots of things.  Nope! I listen to the experts and I listen to a lot of them that have varying beliefs on money and finances and then I do what I think is best. My mentor said if you want to have money, study people who have money.  So that is what I do.

For the recent grads that may be reading this or anyone else.  When it comes to money, there are really only two pieces.  Debt and Income.  After three years of listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show, I have listened to 100’s of callers call in and discuss their money. (Everyday for three years I have listened)  In every situation, it comes down to one of these two things.  The callers either have a debt problem or an income problem.  Which by the way, both are controlled by you.  In my study in my own personal experiences this is true as well.

Debt: The bottom line is if you look to your right and you look to your left, most likely the people who you are looking at (if you around some people, if you aren’t, go get around some people) but two out of the three of you are in debt to your eye balls.  Two of you are paying payments on cars that you can’t afford to drive, you have student loans that have been around so long that your mindset is that you will just always have them, and lastly you are not planning well for the future.  That is two out of three of you.  Hey, I can say that, because I used to be one of the two.

Income: Not to sound like a hypocrite to what I said in the above paragraph regarding student loan debt.  But to increase your income you must increase your knowledge, skills, and education.  This may require you to go to school.  My mentor Dave Ramsey would say you should never go into debt for your education, if you have to go into debt for your education, you can’t afford it.  I get this and I understand it.  However, I am suggesting you be wise in your investment into your education.  Don’t drop $100,000 thousand dollars on a fine arts degree where you can become a barista at Starbucks.  The proverbial starving artist with a lot of student loan debt.

As I said the purpose of eduction is to get increase your skills so you can make more money, just be careful on what and how much you invest into your education and make sure there is return on the investment quickly. And do anything you possibly can to not have to go into debt.  Work as many jobs as you have to, save as much as you have to, and look for free money as much as you can.

A motto that I have always lived by is very simple.  Keep my revenue high (income) and my expenses low (debt).  A very simple strategy.

The bottom line is money and finances isn’t everything, however, it certainly does help.  The more money you have the more you can do for yourself and others.  This is just the reality of life.

As I stated 50% of the respondents said they wished they understood finances better.  Well, since you know that now, start today and get your finances where you want them to be.  Keep your debts low and invest in yourself so you can increase your income.

To your success and your future.


Why being broke sucks

I grew up in a lower middle class family.  We didn’t go without and parents worked very hard to give my brothers and I everything we ever wanted, and what they could afford.  I never thought about being rich or being poor.  However, as an adult I can look back on my youth and say that there probably wasn’t a lot of money left over after food was put on the table and the bills were paid.

I am not a financial expert by any means.  However, I have studied finance now most of my adult life and can say honestly I am just now really figuring it out.  You want to know how I figured it out?  I have made a study of it.  Yep I study and listen to the wealthy.  As I said I am not an expert, actually I would say that I am in elementary school when it comes to finances.

However, as I have studied it and I experienced money myself, I have learned a few things that were opposite of what society and people who I know taught me about money and finances.

  • You don’t have to have a car payment to drive a nice car. Most of the people I know have followed this thinking that you will always have a car payment.
  • Your credit score has nothing to do with money and wealth. All it shows is that you have borrowed money and paid it back with interest.  It takes $100,000’s of dollars in interest to have a really good credit score.
  • It’s not that things are too expensive, you just cant afford them. This is a mind shift. Don’t wish it were cheaper, focus on the thing you can control, earn more.
  • Income very rarely exceeds your personal and self-development and your want and eagerness to learn. For you to have more money, you have to increase your skills and value in the marketplace.  You are earning what you deserve, or what value you bring to your current employer.  If you want to earn more, you have to learn more.
  • Having one source of income is risky.  Sure you should be loyal to your company if you have a full-time job and they treat you well.  At the same time you owe it to yourself to be sure you protect yourself from others when it comes to your household, and don’t rely on one income.
  • Net Worth.  All of my life I have been focused on earning more money.  I always thought I could out earn my stupidity with money.  I am now focused purely on what are my assets and what are my liabilities (eliminating these) and how do they fit in the bigger picture.
  • Invest. Look for things to put money into that will deliver you a return on that money.  A lot of people think of their house as an investment.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  I am not smart enough to explain the mathematics here.  Here is what I do know, if you have a big house payment it doesn’t leave a lot of money to invest into other things.  Having all of your money tied up in one investment is never a good thing.
  • Financial Independence: The ability to live off of the income that your assets and resources you own produce.  This is the goal.  

I don’t have all of the answers when it comes to finances and money. As I stated I am just learning.  Here is what I know though, life is hard and life is fun.  I would rather go through life with some money instead of going through life broke.  The more you earn, the more you can save, and the more you save, the more you can give, that is the objective.  Earn all I can, Save all I can, and Give all I can.

To your success and your future.