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How to make yourself more valuable

When value exceeds price, at least in the buyer’s mind.  A person will usually be compelled to purchase.  If all things being in line as well. So the question is this.  What determines value? How do you determine value? What … Continue reading

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3 ways to increasing your income

I am around a lot of people who want to increase their income.  I think that is a worthwhile and valuable goal to have.  It is a goal that most of us have on some level, I know I do. … Continue reading

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Are you a LinchPin? My notes from this book

I read LinchPin (Are you indispensable) from Seth Godin a month or so a go.  In my weird filing and ranking system that I have created, I ranked this book 8 Stars out of 10.  It is a book that … Continue reading

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