What is your E:E ratio?

There has been much debate lately about the 1%. Meaning the 1% of the most wealthy in our nation.  I love the 1%, my goal is to be one of them. One of my many mentors that I have constantly feeding me in my personal development is Brian Tracy.  I really like his name, that is why I follow him, lol.   Additionally, he is a multi-millionaire that has built many successful companies.  He says that the E:E ratio (Education and Entertainment).  Meaning how much time a person spends on their Education and how much time a person spends on being Entertained is reflected in their earnings (income).

Question:  If this is true?  Why wouldn’t more people spend time on their Education?

Answer:  We don’t know!

That is the best answer I have.  I don’t know why people do what they do.  Here is what I do know, that I have personally found this to be true.  The more I spend on my education the more I grow as a person, a friend, a colleague,an employee, a mentor, a trainer, a follower, a leader, a person to bounce something off of, and yes my assets and income have continued to grow as well.

I guess one of the most important things I continue to learn is yes, all of the above is true, I have become all of those things in the previous paragraph, however, through the process of personal development and education I have learned that there is more.  A lot more.

See we all live in a box.  Maybe you like your box, if you do, you wouldn’t be reading this. BTW:  Some boxes are good. Rarely does a good idea just find you.  You must search.  So continue reading.  This box may be the box that you are currently in at your job.  You may ask yourself, I want to grow, but I am stuck in the box and I don’t know how.  This box is our belief that we don’t know how to get out of it.  We may not know what we would like to do?  Or we do know what we want to do, and the opportunity in our current box just isn’t there.  I have felt this way, and I am sure I will feel this way again.  That is why continued education is so important, it shows you that there is much bigger boxes out there.  That your box isn’t the only place you will have to stay if you continue to search, continue to develop, you will find a way to get out of your box.

So what is your education:entertainment ratio.  There are 168 hours in a week, 24 hours in a day, and the last time I checked we can only live our lives 1sec at a time.  So how much of your day is spent on your education, learning something new, or learning something you already know and learning how to apply it better?  The average American person according to Nielsen Research and Data, spends 34 hours a week watching television.

So we have 168 hours in a week.

8 X 5= 40 hours for work (most work more than this)

8 X 7= 56 hours for sleep

34 hours a week for television (average according to Nielsen Media)

Eating: 3 meals a day x 7 days X .50 (half hour for each meal): 10.5 hours

Social media: 2 hours a day average (maybe this is profitable for you): 14 hours a week

Drive time to work:  Average American 25 minutes to work: 2 hours and 5 minutes a week.

Fitness:  1 hour a day for 6 days = 6 hours

168-40-56-34-10.5-2.05-6-14= This leaves you about 5 hours a week left.

As you look at the above list, which activity consumes a lot of your time and is not needed?  I will let you answer that for your self. Where can you fit your education into your life?  Oh yes, and for those of you who have families, where is family time? Where could you spend more family time and still make room for some education time.  We each only have so much time in the day, we must use it wisely to get where we want to go, things just don’t happen, we must make them happen.


Brian Willett

What is average?

What is average?  As many of my closest friends and colleagues know, I am reading books on excellence.  In each of these books I have found that the company’s, the people, the country’s, the leaders, the CEO’s, etc. are not doing extraordinary things, they are just doing the ordinary things very well.  There are about five to six things that they are well above average in doing.  I am on a journey to be above average in areas of my life that I have been average in.  There are many areas in my life I have been above average, however there are some goals I have made that I am painfully stuck in being “average” and it is because of my lack of commitment to do what is necessary to become above average. So today’s list is a pledge to myself to be above average in areas of my life where I have allowed average tendencies.

So what is average:

  • Average company’s say process over people.
  • Average says that is the way we have always done it.
  • Average leaders have no vision for themselves which means they can’t have a vision for the people or company.
  • Average says don’t rock the boat, its not worth the trouble.
  • Average says I will do it later, instead of how can I get it done now.
  • Average says I will watch the show instead of reading the book.
  • Average says how much do I have to do, instead of what can I do.
  • Average says I will save for retirement later, instead of how can I start saving now.
  • Dave Ramsey says most people (average) say: How much will it cost me a month, The rich (above average) says how much does it cost.
  • Average says one more piece of cake won’t hurt me, instead of that is enough for now.
  • Average says: you’re in a safe place don’t take the risk.
  • Average allows the day to run them instead of them running the day.
  • Average allows their calendar to be dictated by others instead of controlling it themselves.
  • Average says I know it all, instead of what can I learn.
  • Average says it will always be this way, instead of saying how can I change it.
  • Average says networking is not important, instead of making time for it.
  • Average hits snooze instead of getting up (I did this today)
  • Average stays in their comfort zone.

This list is really for me and it is my public commitment to myself to continue to be above average in everything I do and seek to do. I hit snooze today on my alarm, I do this too many days in a row and I will become average. In the pursuit of excellence I go today!

Brian Willett