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Why closing these Gap’s are vital to your life and success.

If you had to sum up life it could really be summed up in one sentence. You spend most of your life trying to close the GAPs in the most important areas of your life. The GAP between what you … Continue reading

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How I set a goal to find my wife.

I talk to lots of people all of the time that tell me they are just not getting what they want in their life.  It could be a certain career, better children, more money, investments, relationships, health and fitness, etc. … Continue reading

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This one change could increase your teams productivity by 32 percent!

I speak to many leaders and owners of companies that tell me projects are not getting completed as quickly as they should.  It could be a variety of different things that are slowing them down.  Things such as lack of … Continue reading

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The real reason why the Cincinnati Bengals decided to retain Marvin Lewis.

I talk about a lot of different concepts, ideas, and pretty much, you name it here on my blog.  But more specifically, I usually try to invoke a thought or an idea with my readers based on something that is … Continue reading

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Two reasons why credit cards are the devil and it has nothing to do with interest rates.

Lets face it, you and I both have made purchases before on a credit card that we would later regret. It could  have been the steak dinner or the night out on the town.  If you haven’t, well good for … Continue reading

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How one word changed my life and how it could change yours too

Each year I pick one to three words that I plan on living by and using to guide my decisions for that year.  The reason for this is, I believe each year is a new season for your life. Sure, … Continue reading

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Why betting on yourself is the best bet, unless…

As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Louisville, Ky we were lucky enough to spend lots of time in the woods playing, or on the streets playing pickup basketball games and football games, or just riding our bicycles … Continue reading

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Three essentials to your success arsenal

There are many things that we can add to our tool box that can help us be even more successful than we are today.  However, many times, those things can come across cumbersome and may not even be realistic. I … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Behavior Change

In the world of behavior change there are many models out the that show a way, a process, to make behavior changes.  My advice is pick one that works for you.  My goal is to share the information with you, … Continue reading

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