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5 reasons critical thinking is dead

One of my all time favorite books is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  It is an all time classic and to this day.  80 + years later, it is still one of the top selling books every year. … Continue reading

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You have to make the decision now

You are what you are until you decide to become different than you are.  It is a hard thing to change but it can be done.  It just requires you to make a commitment and then do the work necessary … Continue reading

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Repetition and Frequency and why you need both for success

A good question to ask yourself is “How often should I get a check up on my health?” At my age, health, and background, my doctor believes once a year is sufficient.  As I age, it will become more frequent … Continue reading

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Show up

Success in life really comes down to these two words:  Show up.   There is nothing magical or hard about it.  When you show up good things will eventually happen. When you show up you are keeping the commitment that … Continue reading

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Never quit, but you can pivot

One of my favorite topics to write and talk about is goals.  Not because I consider myself to be an expert in setting and achieving them.  It is quite frankly the exact opposite.  I actually come up short on them … Continue reading

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