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Accountability? You don’t want none.

Earlier this week I sat down with someone who I have been doing some coaching with.  They don’t have an actual contract with me, but they come to me for a little coaching from time to time.  This person, like … Continue reading

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Charms Blow Pops and Dum-Dums suckers

I am not sure how big Charms Blow Pops are in todays culture, but when I was a kid they were the best suckers you could buy.  They were two treats in one.  You got the hard candy part, just … Continue reading

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The biggest myth we all tell ourselves

In a far, far, place…way off into the future.  It could be six months, one year, three years, or ten years.  This future place, it is pretty magical. We have less stress in our lives.  We have more time to … Continue reading

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The one thing sales people must sell, but very rarely do.

Everybody wants a guarantee that it will work.  You do, I do, and so does everyone else. Is this even realistic though?  Absolutely not. We all have to take a chance and jump in on whatever it is.  You have … Continue reading

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Quit only managing time and start managing this instead

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more I realize I don’t have the same energy as I used to have.  We all have been a teenager before.  This is a time where you can stay … Continue reading

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Why some training programs work and others don’t

Last week, I was kicking off the second, of at least four twelve week leadership training courses that I will be delivering for a client of mine.   This client has 3,100 or so employees and produces a very needed … Continue reading

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