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Why you and college athletes should get paid more

I don’t normally write about these kinds of topics on my blog.  However, given the current events in my hometown of Louisville, Ky, I felt compelled to write about it. I am on record stating that Rick Pitino should have … Continue reading

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If it is that bad, just leave!

I am not sure what has brought us to this point in the current workforce and culture, but it seems to have permeated itself in both. And that is that people would rather stay and complain, instead of leave and … Continue reading

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The training your company needs and who should actually provide it

After doing training and development for ten plus years, my experience tells me that most companies are not doing enough training in the areas where people need the training.  In many cases, they are spending more time on training people … Continue reading

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The 6 most important fundamentals great leaders demonstrate

Many people talk about the characteristics that leaders must have to be considered great leaders.  Words such as vision, character, empathy, charisma, outgoing, sympathetic, fair, ability to communicate, persuasive, etc. are just some the words most people use. I agree … Continue reading

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