How to achieve sustained change in anything

I recently finished a book (for the second time) titled “Change or Die”, subtitle: Could you change when change matters most?.  The book is well researched and the data the author includes is compelling and fascinating.

One of the major studies of the book looks at people who have had coronary-artery bypass grafting.  Coronary-Artery bypass grafting is a type of surgery that improves blood flow to the heart. Surgeons use CABG to treat people who have severe coronary heart disease.  The research shows that two years post surgery that over 90% of patients have not changed their lifestyle.  They are eating and living the same way they always have.

The research also looked at a large manufacturing facility of autoworkers.  The facility was on the brink of shutting down. Which would have resulted in everyone losing their jobs.  As we all know our prisons are more full than ever before.  And in 2002 the Justice Department was issuing longer sentences and more arrests, but the re-arrest rate of people who had been previously incarcerated went up from 62.5 percent to 67.5 percent.

All of these studies have one thing in common. The people involved in each of the studies needed to make changes or they would ultimately die, lose their livelihood, or might as well be dead.

Many of us are pretty logical thinkers for the most part aren’t we? At least we think we are.

However, as rational as we think we are, the three things that you would think would motivate us to change rarely does. In the book the author calls them the three F’s.  Facts, Fear, and Force.

I am sure you don’t need to read the book to have seen first hand that the three F’s don’t always work to motivate someone to change.  My guess is you, or someone you know, has used one of the three to persuade someone else to change.  And the chances are they, or you didn’t get the change you were looking for.

So what is it that creates sustained change, and how can we implement it.

The book uses the three examples I mentioned above and shows how applying processes allowed the groups of people facing crisis make the necessary changes and sustain it.

The three ways to create sustained change are:

New Hope: In many cases, people have lost hope or desire in whatever it is they are dealing with. Whether it is an illness, a potential loss of a job, or a life of crime. In each of these scenarios what is required is for someone to sit down with the individual and show them a new beginning, a new way to a different outcome, a possible solution.

New Skills: After a person has been able to see a new vision of their future. They have been inspired by the hope of a new outcome. They must get some new skills. This is critical for change.  You can’t get somewhere you have never been without learning something new. So training and follow-up is required.

New Thinking: New thinking has a lot of parts to it.  It requires a person to have a new environment in which they operate.  They must be around people who help them succeed and hold them accountable to this new life they are wanting.

New Hope, New Skills, and New Thinking are not easy and have many facets to them each.  However, if your desire is to make sustained change you can start by developing hope, getting some training and follow-up, and then surrounding yourself with the right people in the right environment.

As a corporate trainer, it is my job to work with companies and individuals to create sustained change.  Many times someone in the organization realizes that something must change.  Where I help the organization the most, is to show the people within the organization that they are capable of making the changes and then create the kind of training and FOLLOW UP ( I capitalize this to show its importance) to make sure it happens.  It is impossible to change anything without the right kind of follow-up.

One of my favorite quotes in the book is “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed”.  You have to help people change themselves.

Is there an area in your life where you need to make a change?  Are you willing to get the necessary resources to help you make the change?

Contact me if I can help.

To your success and your future.





How to make yourself more valuable

When value exceeds price, at least in the buyer’s mind.  A person will usually be compelled to purchase.  If all things being in line as well.

So the question is this.  What determines value? How do you determine value? What does value mean to you?

Seth Godin who is an author and speaker, addressed value in his book titled Linchpin, subtitle: Are you indispensable?

He addresses the definition of value head on and states that the market determines value this way.

He said that value is like a stair case.  The least valuable at the bottom and the most valuable at the top obviously.

At the bottom and working your way up you begin with:

People who can lift. Simple enough, people who can pick things up.

People who can hunt. These people know the target and go find it.

People who can grow. Take something that already exists and help grow it.

People who can produce something. These people can get you results in something or get others to produce.

People who can sell. These people can influence others to make a purchase.  As I always say, successfully persuade someone to separate with their money to solve a problem they might have.

People who can connect. These people are so influential that they can connect the right people with other people.  They connect the right companies with other companies.

People who can invent/create. Lastly, the most valuable on the hierarchy are the people who can create or invent something. They create something that didn’t exist before that can enhance your life or solve a problem.

If you want to become more valuable to yourself and to your company.  You must figure out a way to bring more value to your company.  All of the categories on the list are needed, but like everything in life and in business, some things are just more valuable.

Valuable usually means there is less of it, or fewer people who can do it.

As you look at the list, the last three fall in to the latter category. Fewer people can or are willing to do it.  Which is why it is so valuable.  Very few people want or can sell.  If you can’t sell, you aren’t going to be very good at connecting people or businesses, because you aren’t very good at selling.  And then lastly, if you create or invent something, you must be able to sell someone on why they should use it.

Do you want to become more valuable to your company?  One of the best ways to do this, is become more responsible and connected to the revenue of the company. You can do this by being in sales (you already are and you just don’t know it), or you can become better at selling. Or you can become a connector or an inventor as well.  You can do this where you are or you can become more valuable to the market by doing these things for yourself and the market.

To your success and your future.

The one question that changed my life

When is the last time you bet on yourself?  I mean really bet on yourself.  Did something outside the norm.  Required you to do something that had a level of uncertainty. Did something that you weren’t too sure how it was going to actually turn out.

If you are like most people, the chances are you haven’t done this in a very long time.  Maybe the last time you did it was when you took your current job.  Or when you went on that date with that guy or girl.  Or attended the meeting that you weren’t too sure about.

Whatever it was, and whenever it was, the chances are it has been a very long time. So the question I have for you, is the exact same question I asked myself years ago.

Why not me?  Yep.  That is the simple question that changed my life forever. Why not me?

Let me give you some context around it.

Why not me?  To run this company.
Why not me?  To get a Masters degree.
Why not me? To quit this safe and secure job, and actually do better somewhere else.
Why not me?  Find someone who loves me for me and I want to marry.
Why not me?  To own as many houses as I want to own.
Why not me?  To run an 8 min. mile.
Why not me?  To have homes located in several parts of the country.
Why not me?  To make a millions dollars a year.
Why not me?  To run this department or division.
Why not me? To read over 35o books over a period of time.
Why not me?  To get paid for something I love to do.
Why not me? To own my own businesses.
Why not me? To save enough money to buy several houses.
Why not me? To leave a profession and go to another profession.
Why not me? To cash bigger checks.
Why not me? To make more in one day than I do the entire year.
Why not me? To get all of my debt paid off.
Why not me? To achieve all I have ever wanted.

My life changed forever, when I started asking myself this simple question.  It changed my thinking from.  “Its not for me”, to “Why not me?”  I changed that statement into a question.  That one question expanded my thinking to think 100 times bigger than I had ever thought before.  I have accomplished some of the things in that list and some of them I am still pursuing. And as I look back on the last ten years when I started asking myself that question, it is very simple on what I must do going forward.

And that is to keep thinking bigger, dreaming bigger, pursuing my current dreams and the ones that I would never even think about dreaming of.  If you aren’t embarrassed to tell others your goals and your dreams, the chances are they are not big enough.  Go big!

So the question I have for you is this “Why not you?”

To your success and your future.