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5 ways to crush every-day of your life

I don’t believe I am any different from most people.  I, like many other people, are looking for that one thing that can truly set us up for success in everything we do.  Come on, be honest with yourself, if … Continue reading

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What Clients Love; book summary and notes

Whenever I read a book that is impactful to me, I like to write down my notes and highlights that I took from the book.  When I do this, it allows me to read the book again, because I have … Continue reading

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3 Steps to rid yourself from rejection in sales

3 Steps to Ensure You Won’t Have to Deal with Rejection Again Many individuals are of the opinion that dealing with rejection is part and parcel of the sales game. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to … Continue reading

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Handbook of Self-Determination Research; summary/notes

In my constant study of human behavior and what motivates us as humans and individuals, I ran across a book titled “Handbook of Self-Determination Research”.  This book takes all of the research and studies that have been conducted by the most … Continue reading

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