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Don’t Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice your development

I am not much of a cook.  But, I do like to eat healthy meals that I can prepare quickly. For the most part, rice is easy to cook, kind of light, but also filling at the same time.  I … Continue reading

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Are you overpaid or underpaid?

Question for you:  Are you overpaid or are you underpaid?  Be honest with yourself here.  Now why did you choose overpaid or underpaid? What are you basing your answer off of? Let me ask you this.  Did you consider the … Continue reading

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Primed to Perform book summary and notes

To build a high performing culture, you must first understand what drives peak performance in individuals. The answer sounds simple: why you work affects how well you work. In their book Primed to Perform; How to Build The Highest Performing … Continue reading

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