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6 absolutes you must remember as a manager of people

I am finishing up a great read on coaching from a managers perspective.  The book is titled Coaching For Improved Work Performance; Increase productive, raise quality, reduce absenteeism, get more creativity, increase sales.  The author is Ferdinand F. Fournies.  He … Continue reading

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Did you know that is tweetable?…What is that?

At times in our lives we all have a chance to talk to and be around people who are much wiser than we are.  Sometimes acknowledging and noticing this, and then trying to use this information to your advantage, can … Continue reading

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A leadership lesson from a Gangster and a stripper

I have to admit I am still obsessed with watching the Soprano’s.  The show has technically been off for almost a decade now.  I have watched each episode I can’t tell you how many times, lets just say it is … Continue reading

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7 must haves at work according to employees

According to Gallup, PEW, and based off our own internal research at Dale Carnegie training, the current workforce has a serious disengagement problem.  According to the research it states that only 30% or so of the workforce is fully engaged. … Continue reading

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