It’s right in front of you!

I have told you, my readers, many times that one of the main reasons I write is because it holds me accountable.  Writing provides me an outlet to flesh out my own thoughts and ideas, which in turn makes me think through the subject that I am faced with at that time.  And, it is just away to hold myself accountable to the words and actions I am suggesting to you.

Today is one of those days for me.  The last two weeks I have had some amazing opportunities present themselves.  These opportunities weren’t by chance or by luck, they were presented to me because of hard work and dedication.  Yep, you have to put in the work now to reap the benefits later.  I don’t know any farmers personally, but I do know if they don’t plant corn in the spring, they wont have any corn to harvest in the fall.  There are very few benefits or things in life that you can get on the front end and pay for them on the back-end.  Corn would definitely fall into this category.  You must plant to harvest. Corn doesn’t just pop up out of the ground automatically.  We all must pay the price of planting to reap the benefits of a harvest.  These opportunities exist because of a lot of planting I have done for many years.

What is weird about the opportunities that have been presented is that they have existed the whole time.  I am not sure if I didn’t see them or if I didn’t want to see them.  But now I see them very clearly.  I have always been a seeker of opportunities, it is an innate thing inside of me.  However, the most recent opportunities are not new, but they are just more clear than ever before.

Question: Why are the opportunities clear today, but weren’t as clear yesterday or before?

Answer:  I don’t really have a clear answer, but I have some thoughts.

I would say first that my mindset has changed.  Mindset can change due to many reasons, but they are usually situational and at the moment due to what is happening around us.  I have a friend who had a heart attack. They knew their bad habits were bad habits, but I guess they didn’t think it would kill them.  Now they are the poster child for health.  Their mindset has changed.

Secondly, I have become more educated. Many of these opportunities have existed for several years, but I wasn’t educated or thought I was educated enough to pursue the opportunities.

The last one is a big one unfortunately. FEAR.  Yep, I said it, FEAR.  Fear of the unknown, fear of the what if. Yep, fear could be preventing you and me from wanting to see the opportunity that is right in front of us.

One of the things I have learned through my growth and development is this.  “You can’t steal second base with one foot on first base.”  When a baseball player wants to steal a base they must commit to it.  Sure the timing has to be right as well, but they must commit.  If they don’t commit they will stay on first base.  If you want to be in a better scoring position, second base is where you want to be. That is where the possibility of scoring runs becomes higher.

Look around you, beside you, and behind you, what opportunities are there that you aren’t taking advantage of? The opportunity could be your future husband or wife.  It could be your future business partner.  It could be the next big idea that will allow you to create a business that changes your life.  It could be something at your church or volunteer organization that could lay the foundation for your next career move.  There are all kinds of opportunities and many of them are within our reach and mostly likely right in front of you jumping up and down.

To your success and your future.


Will you be EAGER today?

As a leader I have the fortunate opportunity to interview a lot of people for positions at varying levels within the companies I have worked for and worked with. I have also had the fortunate opportunity to interview people who are interviewing for promotions within those same companies.  With the 100’s of people I have interviewed over the years I have determined that the ones I like to hire and the ones that I like to promote live their life with an EAGER interest.  Here are some of the words that define eager. Enthusiastic, intense, desirous, pumped, gong ho, impatient to name a few.  These words make up the kind of person I am looking to hire and to promote.  But they also make up the kind of person I want to be around and have in my life.

The word eager and the attributes that make up the people who are eager are so important to me that I defined it further with this acronym.  Are you living your life EAGER?  Or are you just getting by.

E ngaged:  Are you engaged in something?  Are you engaged in your work, your business, your career, your health, etc.  I like to be around people and hire people who are engaged in something.  Engaged means committed.  I think we all know we should be engaged in our work, but are you engaged in something outside of work as well?  To use a slogan from the Army, “Are you being all that you can be?”

A ction Oriented:  I had a very successful business person who is a multi-millionaire many times over tell me something years ago that I have never forgotten.  He said when you are hiring someone, watch closely how fast they walk.  Do they walk with a purpose?  Or are they just kind of trudging along.  Over the years I have watched this and there is a lot of truth and fact around this.  Look around today and ask yourself, am I walking with a purpose or am I just trudging along?  Am I taking action on things or just floundering around.

G oal Oriented: We should all enjoy the moment and live in the moment and be present in the moment.  However, we should constantly be planning and thinking about the future as well.  We must set goals and establish milestones and benchmarks in our life that revolve around all of the most important pieces of life.  Such as career, family, health, spiritual, and financial.  I want to be around people who are EAGER about setting some big goals and going out and accomplishing them.

E xcellence: What is your attitude today?  What is your attitude most days?  Are you trying to learn all you can and realize all of your potential?  Or is it more of I can’t wait until the weekend so I can sleep and watch my favorite shows on NetFlix.  I think most people want to work hard and do the best they possibly can at work to do a great job.  But once they leave work they are not pursuing excellence in all areas of their life. Their health is not a top priority, they spend more than they make, they treat others poorly, or they don’t really care that much about anything of value. Are you committed to excellence in all areas of your life or just certain parts of it?

R esourceful: I love the definition of resourceful.  def: having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.   The bottom line is we all face difficulties in our life.  Crap happens.  It is life.  How we deal with those difficulties is what makes all of the difference.  Today I want to challenge you to not say these worlds “It is what it is”.  I have said those words before as well.  I am challenging myself as well as you to not take the “it is what it is” approach and lets both of us make it “what we want it to be”.

Enthusiastic, intense, desirous, pumped, gong ho, impatient are words that describe the word EAGER.  The word impatient to some is negative, but I see it as positive in most cases.  Being impatient causes you to become eager and to take action.  So the question is are you EAGER?  Are you living your life in a way that displays that eagerness?

To your success and your future.

Start Today

June 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. It is the half way point of the year.  And I must say that this year it is incredibly awesome because I am crushing it on all fronts regardless of my circumstances or the things that have occurred this year.

Yep June 1st is the half way point in the year.  Now, I recommend you take a look at your goals as frequently as possible to see how you are doing towards achieving them throughout the year.  But June 1st is a really good time to assess and re-evaluate if need be.    If you had great inspirations on January 1 this year to chart a new life, a new path, a new course in the most important areas of your life, and things just haven’t turned out as planned. You can start today and still get there before we get to the end of 2015.

My mentor told me that for things to change I must change. There is also a scripture in the bible that states when you search, you will find.  Both of these statements are profoundly true and today is as good of a day as any to start down that path.

Go back and look at your goals you had for 2015.  Oh!  Did you have any written (typed out) or are they in your head?  If you didn’t put them on paper, then you better do that today.  I can’t explain the magic that occurs when you put your goals on paper, but something magical really does happen.  Are you not a good goal setter?  Don’t be ashamed most people aren’t.  It really isn’t a skill that is taught in school.  However, it is a skill that can be learned.  I encourage you to learn that skill.  Oh by the way, most people think they are really good goal setters, but when you ask them what they were seeking to accomplish they cant tell you anything with clarity.

If you are looking to accomplish more in your life and perhaps in your career, then you must become a strategic goal setter, and you can start today.  I am currently working with several clients on this very subject.  If you want to learn how to make things happen versus wishing them to happen, then maybe we can partner together.

To your success and your future.