Leadership Alert Here

You can’t teach what you don’t possess.

You can’t teach motivation when you don’t have motivation

You can’t teach a skill if you don’t practice that skill yourself.

You can’t teach discipline when you don’t have discipline.

You can’t tell me about life when you don’t live a life that others would want to live.

You can’t ask me to be better, when you don’t work on getting better yourself.

You can’t tell me to manage my time when you can’t manage your time.

Don’t ask me to to go to training when you haven’t gone to training.

Don’t ask me to take action when you haven’t taken action.

Dont promise me things and then don’t deliver, and then ask me why I don’t deliver.

Leadership is a great place to be, but it is a big responsibility.  It is the ultimate responsibility.  You must be the “leader” which means in all of the above areas, you must be the standard-bearer, you set the pace, you show how it should be done.  You have people’s lives in your hands, leadership is serious.

My challenge to any leader that reads this or parent for that matter.  Be the standard-bearer, set the pace, show the way today.




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